• A boutique wealth management firm, we are a registered investment advisor

  • We maintain an unbiased open architecture that takes full advantage of highly selective investment strategies and portfolio solutions.

  • All of our portfolios are customized, driven by each investor’s own return objectives and risk tolerance and developed specifically to meet their objectives with the most appropriate blend of strategies.

  • The firm is 100% employee owned. We have no other business interest except to serve our clients.

  • S.P. Parkin & Co. Management’s revenue is based solely on our advisory fee. We receive no fees or commissions from managers on transactions.

S. Pat Parkin is a Investment Advisor and CFO of S.P. Parkin & Co a Missouri registered investment advisory firm, who has assisted business owners, professionals, highly-compensated executives and individuals with high-net-worth in uncovering their financial potential. Focusing on strategies to help maximize wealth creation, he works hard to facilitate the tax-advantaged accumulation and preservation of wealth.

Pat attended the University of Missouri and Maryville University, where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in business administration. Since 1991, he has studied with an economic think tank under a leading economist from New York University School of Economics. Spending three weeks each year in symposiums and seminars allows him to remain on the cutting edge of the financial world and helps his clients to meet both short- and long-term goals, through comprehensive strategies.

Combining openness with honesty and genuine concern for his clients’ welfare, Pat is widely recognized as a reliable professional, someone people are comfortable with and with whom they can share their concerns.

My mission," Pat says, "is to enrich the lives of people I touch, based on integrity, fairness and the investor's self-interest. I work hard to be accessible to all of my clients. By taking a long, thoughtful look at each client's distinct goals and motivations, I can recommend potential strategies to help meet those goals. Only when their specific expectations are met or exceeded do I consider my results a success.

Pat manages endowments as well as serves the wealth management needs of some 55 private families across the country.

Serving as a fiduciary to our clients," Pat continued, "has helped our firm grow on the basis of integrity, trust and reliability for more than 26 years. I structure my wealth management practice to emphasize client relationships over transactions. The success of my practice is most evident in the confidence my clients place in me year after year and generation after generation.

Pat and his wife, Robin, and their two children reside in St. Louis. A past youth basketball coach for boys and girls junior programs, Pat enjoys golf in his leisure. He is a member of Ascension Catholic Church.

"The accumulation, preservation and management of wealth can bring generous rewards as well as striking challenges:”

- Pat Parkin, President and CFO, S.P. Parkin & Co.

S.P. Parkin & Co.'s team approach is as flexible as
it is comprehensive